5 tips to maintain your garage door in top shape

5 tips to maintain your garage door in top shape

The garage door is unfortunately one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs that people have. When the garage door opener works we do not have to think about garage door repair and it is on the back burner. This can lead to problems when the door breaks all of a sudden.

1. Anyone who has access to the garage door opener should know how to use it properly. The opener should be out of the reach of small children who may misuse it and get hurt. The children should know it is not a toy to be played with. Discuss other door safety with them.

2. Two or three times a year, examine the garage door. Check for weakening cables, pulleys, rollers and springs. If anything shows signs of too much wear hire a garage door repair technician to replace them. It is not a good idea for an untrained person to adjust or attempt to repair these parts.

3. When checking the garage door operating, put a roll of paper towel in the path of the electronic eye. If the door does not go back up itself, check the owner’s manual to figure out how to safely disconnect the power until the possibility for garage door repair.

4. Learning how to use the emergency release feature can be a good tip for garage door repair maintenance especially if there is a power outage or if the door has to be disconnected because the electronic eye is not properly working.

5. When the power is disconnected lift the door manually. Listen for any undo noise or scraping sounds. There should be little resistance and the door should stay open at about three or four feet without falling. A door that does not easily raise and lower by hand may be out of balance which could lead to wear on the gears.

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