There is a huge selection of garage door openers on the market today. From the very small low horsepower unites up to the multi horsepower commercial and industrial unites.  This information on this page along with the professional help of a Pinnacle Garage Door expert should give you all the information you need to make the perfect selection of a garage door opener for your home or business.

A garage door is usually the largest moving object in a person’s home and in most cases dominates the front of the home. And since it is the primary way to get into and out of your home you don’t want to take the garage door and opener lightly. It is very frustrating to have your car stuck in the garage because the garage door will not open and the manual unlock doesn’t work. That is why it is so important to have a professional garage door company assist you in the selection of your door and opener. Then do the installation to make sure it is done properly and will lasts for decades.

What are the main differenced in garage door openers?

There are three main types of garage door opener drive systems we will talk about here. The one that is best for your needs depends on lots of factors and should be discussed with a professional to get the most life and continues usage from your garage door.

screw-openerScrew Drive – Screw drives systems use a threaded steel rod that runs the full length of a track and moves a connector piece along the track as the threaded rod rotates. It is just like a screw and nut. As you turn the screw the nut moves along the screw. With this type of opener there are fewer moving parts then in other opener types, so the main advantage is less maintenance except for keeping the screw lubricated. The screw drive door does better in a constant climate.  And since in Utah we have hot summers and cold winters a screw drive door might not be the best solution. They also move slower and produce more noise. However, some of the newer screw drives models are putting a plastic lining on the track to help reduce some of the noise and it will allow the door to move quicker on the track.

Chain Drive Opener – These models use a chain the moves along a rail. Chain drives are probably one of the more common door mechanisms on the market today. Because of the Chain drive door openergreater number and them and lower cost of goods they are typically less expensive than other door opener types.  But there are some downsides also. For example, they do produce more noise than the belt drives which we will talk about next. Of course if you have a detached garage, the noise will not be heard in your home as much. If your garage is attached to the home and there is a little child’s bedroom close to the garage you might want to consider going with a belt drive might be the better solution. On the flip side, If you have teenagers you might want to here them when they come in form a late night. Just remember that everyone has different needs. Pinnacle Garage Doors can help you find the perfect solution.

Belt drive door opener

Belt Drive Opener  - Over all, the belt drive door openers would be considered to be the
best opener available on the market today. These openers run on a rubber belt very similar to the chain drive openers and are incredibly reliable like the chain drives models but run virtually silent! So if you would like the latest in stealth door technology then these are the doors for you. They are perfect for attached garages that you want to minimize the noise in the house. If you have a baby room close to the garage then the Belt drive door opener is a must have. But all that greatness comes with a price. Please call us at Pinnacle Garage Doors and talk with one of our door experts to see how we can help you get the right opener at the right price.

What Are Some Features and Options?

Liftmaster keychain opener

  • A courtesy light that stays lit before and after the door is opened.
  • Having a remote lockout feature so the door can be secured when you are away for an extended period.
  • Wireless numeric keypads can open the door are also a nice option.
  • Solenoid operated deadbolts for the door panels for more security.
  • Sensors to detect monoxide fume build. These sensors are designed to automatically open the door  if there is a dangerous build up of monoxide.
  • Some of the newer models of garage door openers have a feature that allows you to open and close the door from your smart phone. This is great if you left the home and forgot to close the door.
  • And if you really want to go high tech you can now get biometric finger print scannLiftmaster Biometric scannerers places outside the door. The nice thing about these is you don’t have to remember a PIN code to get in.

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