Why You Should You Unplug Your Garage Door Before Going Out of Town

Why You Should You Unplug Your Garage Door Before Going Out of Town

When you are planning to be away from home for a few days on a business trip or on vacation, you may want to unplug your garage door opener. The reason for this is pretty obvious. You want to make sure that no one can break into your garage and potentially even your home through the garage.  You may feel that if you lock your garage door opener in your home that you will be safe.  This is not necessarily true.

Some automatic garage door openers are set by a code that the owner selects. If you forget to turn off the default setting though, some code grabbers can potentially gain access to your remote code and retransmit it and get inside of your garage.  Once inside your garage, it becomes so much easier to gain access to your home. Thieves are always finding new ways to break through security systems. It is worth it them.

Some people have experienced a crazy garage door opener problem where their garage doors just open all by themselves. This is sometimes called “phantom operation.” It can be caused by a power surge which damages the transmitter inside your system causing the door to open by itself.  Other people have reported that lightning strikes have caused their garage doors to open. Yet another way this can happen is that your garage door opener can be triggered by other electronic equipment operating near your home on the same frequency.padlock-on-door

It is unlikely that your garage door opener will be affected by a “phantom operation” however, if you happen to be one of the unlucky few, your home is open to anyone who wants to enter. That is why it is always a good idea to unplug your garage door opener before going out of town.

Another way to secure your garage door when out of town is by putting a padlock on the track. This is especially important if you don’t not have a sliding bolt on the garage door. We have added a picture of this so you can see how it should be done to secure the door. This will ensure nobody came just force the door open. We at Pinnacle Garage Doors want to you to have a fun and safe time away from your home and hope these tips will help.

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